Who Do I Call if There Is a Gas Leak? [Quick Western Australia Guide]

Knowing what to do after a gas leak could be the difference between life and death. LPG gas and natural gas are deadly and though they are odourless, a distinct odour is added to aid in the detection of leaks and to keep you safe.

As such, whether you are inside or outside your home, you have to respond to gas leaks immediately to maintain public safety. Here are vital steps to follow if you smell a funky smell in or around your home in Baldivis, Western Australia.

What to Do When I Smell Gas Inside My House?

If you smell gas in the street or on your property coming from your gas meter, call Australian Gas Networks (Gas Leaks and Emergency Services) on 1800 427 532 to have the leak located and repaired.

If the leak is coming from an appliance or a pipe connecting to your appliance, contact a licensed gas fitter to have it fixed. For this, we are the ultimate go-to. Call us on 0401 545 471 for emergency gas leak detection services in Perth.

Here are some crucial steps to take as well:

  • Allow fresh air in by opening doors and windows.
  • Cut out the gas supply at the mains (around your meter) tap by turning the handle a quarter turn until it is 90 degrees from the pipe.
  • Leave the premises.
  • Call the National Gas Emergencies line. Only use a cell phone when you’re outside the house. The line is toll-free and available 24/7.
  • Follow the emergency adviser’s instructions.
  • Wait for a gas engineer to appear outside.
  • If you’re feeling unwell, see your doctor or go to the hospital right away. Tell them you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Not to Do When I Smell Gas Inside My House?

  • Never smoke, light a match, use a lighter in the name of finding a gas leak!
  • Don’t turn any switches on or off.
  • Don’t use doorbells, cell phones, or any other electrical switches that could spark.
  • Never turn on or off lights near a suspected gas leak; if you need lighting, use a torch or your phone.
  • Never use electrical equipment near a suspected gas leak or its surroundings.

In Case of Emergency – Aus Star Plumbing and Gas Is Just a Phone Click Away.

If you suspect a gas leak at your property, do not panic. Turn off your gas from your meter, remove any potential sources of ignition such as matches and electrical equipment then call our LPG emergency line on 0401 545 471. We are here to help! Let us secure a safe spot for your family as we take care of the leak.

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