What’s The Best Way to Find a Water Leak Underground?

Water pipes, no matter how strong or durable, sometimes break due to the chemicals found in soil or water. As a result, the breakage causes water leakage underground. Such leakages are hard to detect, but here are signs to look out for:

3 Steps To Find the Water Leak

1. Check the Water Meter

Checking your water meter is one of the greatest ways to see if there are leaks in your plumbing. However, you’ll need to cut off all of the water in your house first. This is by making sure that all faucets are turned off and the dishwashers and washing machine aren’t running. Next, keep an eye on the meter to see whether it starts to shift.

If the meter reading changes quickly, you’re probably dealing with a fast-moving leak. On the other hand, if the meter reading changes after a few hours, there’s a slow leakage. Whichever leakage you’re dealing with, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect your underground pipes and fix the problem.

2. Check the Water Bill

Sometimes, your water bill may be continually rising yet your water usage habits have been the same. In such a case, you should check if there’s underground leakage. First, collect some bills from the previous few months and compare them to see if there has been a consistent rise. This is because your water bill should be consistent from month to month.

Keep in mind that some of your pipes may be hidden underground. As a result, leaks in this part of your system may never be detected, but you will always pay for them. To be on the safe side, contact an expert any time you detect that something is off.

3. Check your Property

While going through your property, always be keen to notice any subsurface water pools. This is because most of these water pools are caused by underground pipe leaks. The best time to do such inspections is during summer when there’s hardly any rain.

Alternatively, if you notice a musty odour or mould in your house, it could be a sign of underground leaks. Be sure to seek professional help before things get worse.

Call Aus Star Plumbing For Professional Water Leak Detection Services in Perth.

While underground water leaks may be detected by a homeowner, it is not always an easy job. This is especially if the plumbing system is complex or in hidden places. Therefore, contact Aus Star anytime you suspect leakages on your property. That way, you’ll be sure that the problem has been permanently fixed by high-quality experts.

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