Water Leak Detection Perth

  • Hear water running when all taps are off?
  • See signs of water damage such as mould or flaking paint?
  • Have erosion outside under your pavers?

Then there is a good chance you have a water leak.

Don't worry! Our acoustic, non invasive equipment can pinpoint the leak - saving you time and money.

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Can you hear water running when nothing is being used in the house?  Or have you received an unusually high water bill?  Then call Aus Star Plumbing and Gas on 0401 5454 471 and we can use our Water Leak Detection  to search and locate it for you. We will then use our Water Leak Repair tools and techniques to fix the leak no matter where it is located.

We use acoustic equipment that picks up water leaking from pipes underground or in the walls and these pipes make an audible sound that our equipment picks up that you may not hear.  We can then use Water Leak Repair thermal imaging to locate the approximate area of the water leak and fix it for you.

How to check if you have a leak?

  • Turn off anything that uses water like retic, taps to toilet and hot water unit
  • Locate your water meter and see if the numbers are moving, sometimes it’s best to take a photo with your phone then go sit down and have a cup of tea and go back and take another photo 10-15 minutes later to see if it has moved.
  • If the numbers have moved and you haven’t used anything water then you need to call Aus Star Plumbing and Gas on 0401 545 471 and we will come and locate the leak and fix it for you.  If you then get a high water bill, we can also submit a leak allowance form to Water Corp on your behalf to see if you qualify for a rebate.

Where is my Water Meter?

Do you know where you water meter is encase you have a burst pipe?

Water leaks going unnoticed can cause a lot of damage to your property so it’s always good to know where your water meter is located and check it from time to time to ensure it’s not ticking away when you aren’t using water.

Some people have no idea where theirs is located and this can cause a lot of dramas when you have water running everywhere in your house.  Water Corp have this tool that tells you where your meter is located https://mywater.com.au/css-web-external/pub/propertySearch?_ga=2.261616266.607262847.1537409637-783372098.1536200157

When you located your meter it’s best to keep it clear from bushes and shrubs so it is easily accessible when you need it and also helps when you get your meter read.

Signs of a Possible Water Leak or Burst Pipe

  • Visible water damage on the walls such as peeling paint, flaky plaster near taps and fittings
  • Low Rumbling noise or sound of running water that doesn't seem to go away when taps are not running
  • Loss of water pressure in your system
  • Water pooling in an area outside could indicate a broken underground pipe

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Water Leak Detection

Call the Perth Plumbing Experts

It's better to be safe than sorry. Call the Plumbing experts now and have your property tested to make sure no expensive damage is taking place. With our time saving technology we can diagnose and detect if there is a problem. Which can save you alot of money.

Our staff are highly trained and skilled at accurately locating even the most difficult to find leaks.  Also, with the non-invasive methods we use, your leaks can be detected without any damage to your house in the process.

The advanced state-of-the-art equipment used to detect these leaks means the job will be done and the leak fixed properly – the first time!  So once a leak is suspected, don’t wait until the leak creates further problems, costs you a small fortune in lost water & gas and repair costs down the track, or affects your property value – call Aus Star on 0401 545 471 to come sniff out your leak and get it sorted, promptly.

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