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Water pipes should not leak in your house. Hidden water leaks in your home can encourage mould and mildew growth, inflating your water bills. And they can cause wood roots, corro`de metal, and generally cause severe damage to your property.

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What to Do If You Suspect a Water Leak

Do not ignore water leaks in your house. They can damage your home and cause serious problems. If you suspect a water leak in your house, seek assistance from professionals. Professionals use water leak detection tools to search and locate the water leakage problems in your home.

Once they locate the water leakage problem, they use their water leak detection tools and techniques to instantly detect and fix the water leakage.

They can even fix water leakages in hard-to-reach areas in your house.

Leaking pipes make audible sounds. It is, however, not easy to hear these sounds with your naked ears. So, professionals use acoustic equipment to pick up sounds of water leaking from pipes in the walls or underground.

Then, they use thermal imaging to find an approximate location of the water leak.

Where is My Water Meter Located?

Checking your meter from time to time can help you know when you have water leaks in your home. If your water meter ticks away and you are not using water in your home, you may have a water leak.

If the water leaks go unnoticed, they can damage your property.

It is, therefore, essential to know where your water meter is found. A water meter is usually located close to the front of your house, and you can check near your front fence. Once you locate your water meter, make sure you can easily access it.

Early Signs of a Water Leak or a Burst Pipe

1. Increase in Water Bills

If your water bills go up and your water usage remains the same, you may have a water leak or a burst pipe in your house. You can use your water meter to monitor your water use and detect if you have a water leak on your property.

2. Change in Water Pressure in Your System

If there is a water leak or a burst pipe on your property, the water pressure in your system can drop. This is because some of the water will leak out of the burst pipe. So, the usual amount of water will not come through your tap.

3. Brown or Smelly Water

If there is a burst pipe in your main water system, discoloured or smelly water may come out of your taps. One of the leading causes of brown water is a rusting iron pipe, and rust can corrode your iron pipes to form holes, resulting in water leaks.

4. Sound or Low Rumbling of Running Water

If there is a water leak on your property, you can hear a sound or low rumbling of running water. Do not ignore the sounds coming from inside your walls, and a water leak can cause more damage to your property.

5. Water Pooling Around Your Garden

If there are damp areas or even water pooling around your garden and it has not been raining, you may have a burst underground pipe.

Why Call the Kwinana Leak Detection Experts?

Kwinana Leak Detection Experts can test your property to ensure no water leaks. They use their time-saving technology to diagnose and detect if there are water leaks on your property. And they are highly trained and skilled in accurately locating water leaks.

If you are looking for a plumber in Kwinana, Western Australia, to detect and fix a leaking pipe on your property, contact Aus Star Plumbing for a fast, free quote.

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