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Water & Gas Leak Detection & Repair Services


We combine acoustic detection with thermal imaging to approach water leak issues comprehensively. This dual strategy allows targeted repairs, saving water and protecting your property.


Employing advanced acoustic techniques, we pinpoint gas leaks with accuracy. This method is quick, non-intrusive, and leads to prompt, safe repairs, ensuring your environment is secure.


Regular pressure testing is essential for the early detection of leaks and the longevity of your plumbing systems. It helps identify potential problems before they escalate.


Our thermal imaging technology is crucial in uncovering hidden leaks. It detects temperature differences caused by leaks, allowing us to find and address issues that are not immediately visible.


Brad Byrne

Head Plumber & Leak Detection Specialist,
Aus Star Leak Detection

Why Fremantle Trusts Aus Star Leak Detection

Unified Leak Services: We offer a dual leak detection and repair service, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. This approach saves Fremantle locals the inconvenience of dealing with multiple service providers.

Rapid and Cost-Effective Solutions: Our service includes quick leak detection and repair within an hour for an affordable rate. This offering is designed for those who value both time and affordability.

Leading-Edge Acoustic Leak Detection: We utilise innovative acoustic technology to locate leaks with incredible speed and accuracy. This method leads to quicker solutions and less disruption for Fremantle residents.

Tracer Gas for Complex Leak Situations: We deploy tracer gas techniques for challenging leaks that are hard to locate. This advanced method significantly enhances our ability to detect and repair even the most elusive leaks.

Customer- Satisfaction Guaranteed: Equipped with police clearance, we emphasise transparent pricing and thorough clean-up post-service, showcasing our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and service excellence.

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For Fremantle residents facing plumbing challenges, Aus Star Leak Detection is here to offer expert assistance. Get in touch with us to discuss your plumbing needs or to book a service. We are committed to delivering effective and prompt solutions for all your leak detection and repair requirements.

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