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Did you know that clogged drains and toilets, water heat corrosion, electrolysis, corrosion, and rusted water pipes can cause water leaks? It can, however, take time for people to notice water leaks in their homes. The hidden water leaks can cause damage to your property and even compromise your family's health.


What to Do If You Suspect a Water Leak?

A lot of people usually ignore small water leaks on their property. Ignoring small water leaks can lead to expensive issues with your plumbing. If you suspect a water leak, you need to confirm if there are small water leaks. Fixing the small water leaks can save you money.

Here are some of the things you can do if you suspect a water leak:

Turn Off Anything Using Water – You need to turn off the taps to your hot water unit and toilet.

Turn off the water at your water metre – Once you locate your water metre, you need to check if the numbers are moving. It can, however, take time for the numbers to proceed. So, you can use your phone to take a photo. Then, wait for 10 to 20 minutes to confirm if the numbers moved.

Contact Professional Plumbers – If the numbers on your water moved and you did not use water during that time, you need to call professional plumbers at Aus Star Plumbing and Gas to address the water leak. They will help you locate the water leak, and once they find it, they fix it immediately.

Fixing the water leak can reduce your water bills. If you do not resolve the water leaks on your property, your water bills will increase every month, increasing your bill and attracting fines if the water consumption level goes too high.

Where Is My Water Meter Located?

As mentioned above, it can take time to notice water leaks. If you do not fix the water leaks early, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. You need to know the location of your water meter. Why? You will want to monitor your water meter to ensure the numbers are not moving when you are not using water. If you're unsure where your water meter is located, you can visit the following link.

Once you locate your water meter, make sure you can easily access it. Therefore, make sure no shrubs or bushes are covering your water meter. Monitoring your water meter can help you know when you have water leaks on your property.

What Are the Early Signs of a Water Leak or a Burst Pipe?

  • Water pooling outside your home can indicate a burst underground pipe
  • Low water pressure in your plumbing system
  • The low rumbling sound of flowing water does not go away once you turn off your taps
  • Visible water damage on your walls, including peeling paint

Call the Baldivis Water Leak Detection Experts

It is more important to call professional plumbers to diagnose and detect if there are water leaks on your property. It is easy for professional plumbers to locate the most difficult to find water leaks. If you are looking for an experienced plumber in Baldivis, Western Australia, to fix your leaking pipe, contact Aus Star Plumbing.

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