The Perfect Checklist to Prepare Your Property’s Plumbing for Summer

Even though everyone looks forward to summer, preparing a home for the season can be challenging. This is because, not only does the pool need cleaning, but all the pipes need to be thoroughly checked to ensure they are in good condition. This is because no one wants to deal with leaking pipes, water shortage, and thirst on hot afternoons.

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Here are 5 things to include in the summer plumbing checklist:

1. Examine the Valves and Piping Beneath the Sink.

Look for symptoms of seepage and leaks in the sink, bath, and shower fixtures. In addition, do not forget to examine exposed pipes beneath the sink, as well as in the basements and laundry room. Remember, this is a good opportunity to look for rusty fixtures and pipes that need replacement.

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2. Cover Sweating Pipes with Plastic

Normally, pipes tend to be sweaty during summer. This is because the temperature outside is hotter than the water inside the pipes. As a result, the water seeps through the pipes which causes a lot of wastage. Luckily, hiring an experienced plumber to fix the pipes will help to keep the water bills substantially low.

3. Ensure the Washing Machine Hoses Are In Perfect Order

People are bound to have dirty clothes during the summer season, whether it’s the visitors or the kids. That said, it is advisable to check the washing machine hoses for cracks, leaks, or bulging. This is meant to ensure that the washing machine is ready for the extra labour. Additionally, changing the hoses on your washing machine at least once every three years is a good idea.

4. Fix Any Leaking Toilets

A leaky toilet can be very disastrous, both health-wise and economically. Besides this, it can cause major damage to the floors. That said, as plumbers prepare your house for summer, have them check the toilets to make sure none of them is licking.

5. Fix Water Pressure Problems around the Home

Summertime sees a spike in overall water usage, which can have a direct impact on your home’s water pressure. As a result, many people come up with various strategies for dealing with this problem. For example, some choose to shower later or earlier than the peak water usage times. Others reschedule their sprinklers to run when the neighbour’s sprinklers are not running. However, if these strategies do not work, it’s important to have a plumber check the pipes for any abnormalities.

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