Take Care of Hot Water System and It Will Take Care of Your Hot Water Needs

Your hot water system provides you with hot water on demand. But lack of proper care and maintenance would make it less efficient than it is supposed to.

Remember that water heating accounts for a quarter of energy use for a typical household.

If its power consumption is high, your utility bill is also high, which is definitely not what you want. In this article, we’ll give you some handy tips on how to maintain your hot water systems.

Hot Water Systems Maintenance Tips

· Hot water tank regular check-up

Make it a habit to look for visible signs of wear and tear in your hot water tank once a month. The sooner you find a problem the sooner it can be fixed, saving you money from costly repairs or possible replacement

· Check the relief valve

Every 6 months give the relief valve a thorough inspection. As one of the most important elements of a hot water system, it must be kept in good condition, so it can properly relieve excess pressure from your hot water system. You have the option to investigate this yourself or hire professional plumber to carry out your maintenance.

· Opt for regular parts replacement

Don’t wait for parts to break down and require replacement before you do. This can cause a chain reaction, where other parts will also get damaged.
It is highly recommended that you replace parts regularly or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The tempering valve, for example, must be replaced once every 5 years

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· Schedule an annual service

With hot water systems that are checked every year, sources of possible problems will be detected and fixed earlier. This will help ensure your hot water system doesn’t break down at all.

A professional maintenance service has the skills to spot any issues with hot water systems and address them promptly to prevent further damage.

You should also consider replacing electrical hot water systems with solar power. Or, replace an old one for something better and more energy-efficient.

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