Does your sink drain slowly or doesn’t drain fast enough that water pools in the sink? You’re likely to have blocked drains that are caused by a lot of things. Kitchen sink drains often clogs due to: Oil cake or cooking grease stuck down the drain pipe walls Detergent soap scum Undissolved food particles Other … Read more

Blocked drains are one of the worst problems any homeowner can experience. This is especially true if a blockage can cause costly damage. Top tips to avoid blocked drains Avoid dumping grease or oil down the drain because the build-up will result in clogged pipes. Just think of hardened grease coating the pipe walls Avoid … Read more

Aus Star Plumbing and Gas value the importance of helping those in less fortunate situations. For this reason, we support the work of Compassion, an organisation who helps Children in Poverty. Below is an excerpt from their website explaining the fantastic work of Compassion. Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry … Read more

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