What Steps Should You Take After Water Leak Damage In Your Home

Have you ever dealt with the annoyance of a leaking toilet or basin at home? It’s a clear and simple sign that you shouldn’t ignore. Water leaks are a common culprit behind household issues. 

People usually realise there’s a leak after the damage is done. To save yourself trouble, keep an eye out for any signs of water leakage. Contrary to what you might think, water leaks don’t always lead to dramatic floods.

Sometimes, they creep in silently, causing mould and mildew growth. Don’t fret if you suspect a hidden leak. We’ve got you covered with simple steps to help you contain the situation and curb any further damage.

Understanding the Type of Leak

Detecting a leak in your home can stir up worry. However, staying calm is key to tackling the problem effectively. Let’s explore three types of water leaks you could encounter:

1. Non-Damaging Leaks

These leaks might not wreak havoc, but they’re still bothersome. Like malfunctioning sprinkler systems or leaky toilets. While they may not cause a flood, they can certainly inflate your water bill.

Toilets can be sneaky too. They can leak water even when you’re not using them, due to issues like an eroded flapper. Fixing these leaks early on is crucial to avoid wasting water.

2. Minimal Damage Leaks

Though seemingly minor, these leaks can snowball into bigger issues if left unattended. For instance, a discoloured wall or mould growth. Leaks from hot water systems also fall into this category, demanding swift action to save both time and money.

Thorough cleanup matters for these leaks. Mould and bacteria can flourish, so disinfecting the area post-repair is essential.

3. Significant Damage Leaks

These leaks demand your immediate attention. Picture an overflowing toilet flooding your home. Home appliances like washing machines or dishwashers can also be culprits. Damaged pipes within your walls can lead to severe plumbing woes.

Steps to Take After Water Leak In Your Perth Home

In Perth, turning to experienced professionals for effective water leak detection is the smart choice. This step is essential for protecting your home’s structure. Meanwhile, here are simple steps to help prevent further damage until the experts arrive.

For Non-Damaging Leaks

Here’s your plan when dealing with this type of leak:

  • Turn off all water sources and taps in your home.
  • Check your water metre. If it keeps ticking even after you’ve shut everything off, there’s likely a leak.
  • Don’t overlook your toilets – they can be silent water wasters.

For Minimal Damage Leaks

If you spot a small leak, these steps are your go-to:

  • Switch off your primary water supply.
  • Clean up the mess and disinfect the area to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Suspecting Significant Damage Leaks

For Substantial Leak

  • Immediately turn off your water supply.
  • Snap photos of the damage before you start cleaning. These images will aid in insurance claims.
  • Inform your insurance provider about the damage.

When it comes to leaks, one thing holds true: the need for a reliable plumber. That’s where experts like Aus Star Plumbing & Gas come in. Our skilled team is prepared to tackle the issue and provide a solution that gives you peace of mind.

Fixing Your Water Leak

Tackling a water leak might seem daunting, but it’s manageable. Seek the expertise of a licensed plumber to resolve the issue. Regardless of leak size, ensure a thorough cleanup. Moreover, consider installing an automatic shut-off system for future leak prevention.

Addressing a water leak might feel like a challenge, but armed with the right steps, you can regain control. Stay proactive and combat those leaks – your home will appreciate it!

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