Solar Hot Water Systems Perth

Take advantage of our hot & sunny Perth weather for the ultimate in efficiency in Solar Hot Water Unit you let the sun heat it for you, so why not ask Aus Star how we can assist you in making the right choice for you and your family and environment.



Save Money with your Solar Hot Water System

Did you know the main energy consumption in most homes is the water heating system? By installing a Solar Hot water System in Perth it will save you money year after year. Energy from the sun is free and is there to be harnessed. You will pay less on your energy bill and helping the environment at the same time. There are also government rebates available on most leading brands so you save even more.

Top Solar Hot Water Brands

Aus Star understand the importance of a quality, robust system which will last in your home for a long time. Thats why we work with the best brands and can find a hot water system perfectly suited to your home and budget. Choose a system and get a quote from Aus Star Plumbing and Gas.


3 Great Reasons to install a Solar Hot Water System in Perth:

  • Save on your bill year after year and harness free energy from the sun (there’s plenty of sunshine in Perth!)
  • Help the environment by reducing your energy consumption
  • Save even more by possibly receiving a Government rebate for your Solar Hot Water System

Call the Perth Solar Hot Water Experts

Call Aus Star now on 1300 788 351 and we will send a highly trained technician to supply and install a Solar Hot Water Unit. Start saving now! You will get a professional service marked by the Aus Star Plumbing Guarantee



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