Save Plenty with Tankless Hot Water Systems

Hot water makes winter and cold weather more tolerable than usual. Can you imagine life without hot water systems in your home?

There are different types of water heating systems available.

Heat Pump Water Heating

Ideal if you use moderate to high amounts of hot water. It has very low running costs and can be set up in a controlled electricity supply for a lower utility water systems

Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Ideal for hot water needs from low to moderate amounts. The upfront cost is relatively low and can be integrated with a wetback.

Solar Water Heating

Although the upfront cost is expensive, running costs are low. Solar hot water systems are suitable for households that require hot water from moderate to high amounts.

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Provides limitless and continuous hot water but is only ideal if you already use reticulated gas for heating space.

Gas Hot Water Cylinder

Since it doesn’t need electricity to work, your hot water systems remain up and running even during power cuts.


If you use a wood burner to heat space and firewood is abundant and/or accessible, wetback hot water systems are a practical choice.


Then, there’s the tankless instant hot water system that more and more people prefer to use.

Why Do People Prefer Tankless Instant Hot Water System?

flowing water

Compact and space-saving design

Without the bulky water tank that requires storage space, you can install the hot water systems without giving up floor area or space. No need to rack your brain as to where you should place the water tank and the plumbing system that goes with it. Just stick up the tankless hot water system on the wall and you’re done.

Add aesthetic appeal

Water tanks, whether hidden in the basement or installed outside of your home, can be an eyesore. Without it, your home can have that streamlined appearance.

Saves energy consumption

Did you know that temperature has to be maintained to ensure stored water is hot or warm 24/7? This requires energy to achieve. So, if you take this out the equation, power consumption is low. Hot water is also supplied on demand.

Endless hot water supply

The amount of hot water you can enjoy with tank-based hot water systems will depend on the size of the tank. But with tankless hot water systems, you have a virtually unlimited supply of heated water.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Did you know that a hot water heating system is one of the largest sources of emissions?

To help reduce your hot water systems’ environmental impact, you should install the most appropriate and efficient hot water system.

Take into consideration the size of your household, patterns of water use, and the climate. Doing so would ensure you don’t compromise your lifestyle in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Because tankless hot water systems use natural gas models or LPG, you can do your share in preserving the environment.

Now that you know the pros of using a tankless install water heater, replace your existing water heater. Not only will you have 24/7 access to hot water, but you’ll save money, the environment, and space as well.

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