Reasons Your Gas Hot Water System Can Come To a Premature End

Gas Hot Water System – Causes behind a short lifespan

Gas Hot Water System – A simple care guide

* Avoid negligence

* Take care of rusting

* Clean the tank regularly to avoid sediment build-up

Your newly installed Gas Hot Water System should last up to 8 to 12 years. But if you are not careful, the system may very well break down before that. Here is a list of factors that can contribute to the premature end of your heater and how you can avoid such a situation.

Avoid negligencegas hot water systems

Negligence may cause you to start looking for hot water systems, well before time is up for your current system. Most gas heater units are installed outside the house and owners generally tend to forget about them after the installation. If this is the case, you will fail to identify early signs of a problem that can lead to permanent damage. Develop a routine check-up on your unit to avoid problems from cropping up. If you detect worrying signs, call a local professional plumber.

Take care of rusting on your gas hot water system

The tank which is made out of metallic steel tends to rust. If you are using hard water, the likelihood of corroding increases. But manufacturers place sacrificial anode rods to prevent the actual tank from corroding. The rods which are made of either magnesium or aluminium corrode in place of the tank. You simply have to make sure to replace the anodes before they corrode entirely to extend the lifespan of your hot water system.

Clean the hot water tank regularly to avoid sediment build-up

Sediment Build-Up is commonly referred to as scales. Sediments build up at the bottom of the heater. The build can entirely destroy your unit if left unchecked. If the sediment build-up continues, the bottom of the tank too will get affected and disintegrate leading to leaks. If the buildup causes the bottom to overheat, it might melt the protective glass lining of the unit. You can prevent damage from sediment by periodically cleaning the unit to drain sediment. Another option is to install a water softener if you rely on hard water.

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