Hot Water Systems

Having any of these problems with your hot water system?

  • Your water goes hot and cold during your showers
  • Run out of hot water because you need a bigger unit
  • Hot water system keeps turning off
  • Can’t get it to turn on at all

There are plenty of reasons your Hot Water System can come to a premature end. You can read more about that here

Any of these issues cause a big inconvenience in your daily life.

We can turn your hot water problems into a thing of the past. As experts in plumbing and gas, we can service and install a wide range of hot water systems.

Installing a New Hot Water System

These are the hot water systems you can choose from if you need to replace your current unit.

Continuous Flow

  • These heat water as it’s needed making them cheaper to run.
  • When installed, they are attached to the wall of your property so take up very little space.
  • You NEVER run out of hot water.

Storage Systems

  • A whole tank of water is continuously heated during the day. This enables you to have hot water on tap when you need it in large quantities.
  • These systems are cheaper to install.

Solar Hot Water System

  • These hot water systems use energy from the sun to heat your water saving hundreds on your energy bill year after year.
  • Government rebates are available.

Our expert technicians can advise you on the best system for your requirements. There are factors you should consider before installing a Hot Water System. We can assist you with these


Continuous Flow Hot Water range


Servicing Your Hot Water System

If you’re looking to get your current unit serviced, we can make timely and professional repairs. This will allow you to get more from your current system and prevent a more expensive full replacement.

If our technician thinks it’s not viable to repair your existing hot water system they will let you know. That way you will not be wasting any of your hard-earned cash.


Continuous Flow Hot Water - Hot Water Help



We Only Offer The Best Hot Water Brands In Perth

We have available all of the best brands for you to choose from.

We work with the best hot water brands so you can be confident that your family is getting the best possible system that will last. We’ll supply and install the best system most suited to your home and budget. Call us today for a no-obligation free quote for the right hot water unit for you.

Do you think your Hot Water system needs replacing? If you’re not sure and need more info. We can help you.Continuous Flow Hot Water Brands

Expert Continuous Flow Hot Water Installation in Perth

When you purchase a 5 Star Unit from Aus Star Plumbing we can expertly install your system. You know you are getting the best possible workmanship because our work is backed by the Aus Star Guarantee.


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