Gas Cooktop Installation Requirements

In most modern-day kitchens you will find a gas cooktop. Not only does it make a big difference to cooking time, but it lends to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Installing a gas cooker isn’t as simple as just connecting it to the gas line, however. There are various regulations and requirements that must be met for it to be installed safely and legally.


As a gas cooktop requires an open flame, for safety reasons there are a few clearance measurements you need to take into account:

  • 600mm from a combustible surface vertically above
  • 200mm clearance horizontally from a combustible surface
  • a non-combustible material must be applied to a 150mm height if the above two clearances cannot be met along the whole length of the cooktop
  • 600mm distance between cooktop and rangehood
  • 750mm distance to the exhaust fan

Also, ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions upon installation. 

Why You Need a Professional for Your Gas Cooktop Installation 

DIY gas work is extremely risky and dangerous if done incorrectly. It can result in a fire, or explosion or affect occupants when there is a gas leak. Furthermore, Australian standards must be strictly adhered to for every gas cooktop installation. This includes minimum clearances and ventilation rules. 

As with any gas work completed by a certified professional, you should be given a compliance certificate for every gas connection, installation, modification, or replacement – this certifies that your gas cooktop has been installed to conform to the relevant regulations and that it’s been tested to make sure it’s safe and in working order.

Regulations and certificates vary from state to state, so you will need a local qualified gas fitter to issue the relevant certificate.

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