Electric Hot Water System Not Working? Find out why

Find out why your Electric Hot Water System is not working

In this article, we cover a short summary of why your Electric Hot Water System may not be working:

  • Broken or worn heating elements
  • A faulty thermostat
  • A leak

There could be numerous causes behind the failure of your Electric Hot Water System to produce hot water. The reasons vary from a broken heating system, a faulty thermostat, leaking to old age (of the unit).  Here is a brief guide to figure out why you may be forced to take cold showers and contact a local plumber in Baldivis.

Broken or worn heating elements in your Hot Water System

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Generally, hot water systems powered by electricity are insulated, cylindrical tanks which store water and heat it up with electronic elements. They work like enormous kettles. The insulation allows the water to stay hot for longer. Once the stored water gets used, the tank refills and the electronic elements heat the water. If these electronic elements in your unit sustain damage or wear out, the tank will no longer produce hot water. You’ll probably have to replace the unit but always check with a professional plumber.

A faulty thermostat

Your hot water unit’s thermostat indicates the heating elements when to heat up the stored water. The thermostat also monitors the temperature. An electric unit is made up of two electronic elements and two thermostats. The upper electronic heating element first heats the water when indicated by the upper thermostat. Once the water stored at the top section heats up to the accurate temperature, the lower thermostat senses this and tells the lower electronic element to heat up the rest of the water. When the thermostat setting in your heater is defective, you’ll get either cold or lukewarm water or sometimes even extremely hot water. Check if this is the case by comparing the actual temperature of the water to the indication of temperature on the gauge.

A leak

A leak in your heating unit can be hazardous. If you notice a lot of water around the unit, immediately switch it off and call a plumber to fix it. But don’t jump the gun and run a Google search for ‘hot water systems’ as soon as you spot a leak. Most often, a plumber can take care of such matters.

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