DIY Plumbing Work


DIY Plumbing Work

D.I.Y plumbing work will not be covered by insurance if anything fails and causes damage, flooding or injury. You should always use a Licensed Baldivis Plumber.

Here’s a list of Plumbing works that you should avoid undertaking on your own:

  • Plumbing renovations or repairs that involve concealed pipelines
  • Constantly backed up drains and pipelines
  • New hot water system service and installations
  • Plumbing installations that may need special permits
  • Plumbing work that runs close to electrical wires or other cables
  • Installing a new bathtub

Above all, steer clear of external plumbing pipes and valves situated at higher levels. Plumbing professionals always use a safety harness to reach these spots. As tempting as it may be to do even the simplest tasks from on your roof, it’s risky, to say the least.

For expert advice and help do call us at Aus Star Plumbing.

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