Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

If you are running out of hot water there are now systems which supply continuous Hot Water. Yes! that’s right, a never ending supply of hot water. Running out of Hot Water can now be a thing of the past with a continuous flow hot water system.

We do all brands of Hot Water Units, Continuous Flow, Gas Storage, Heat Pumps and Electric.

We service and install Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann, Dux, Bosch and that is just a few.

Are you running out of hot water with your current storage hot water unit?

We can install an instantaneous unit to your property, we can also organise a gas pressure upgrade or meter upgrade if required.

Instantaneous Hot Water Units are great for people who don’t like to run out of hot water

Not sure what unit to go with?

Our qualified technicians can also help you with that decision of what unit is best suited to your property and your household needs.  The have an extensive knowledge of products that are available so finding one that is going to suit your needs.

We can service your gas hot water units and replaced anodes, tempering valves, thermocouples, gas control valves and any valves that may be dripping or not working correctly.

This can help extend the life of your unit as changing a unit can sometimes be a costly exercise.

Continuous Flow Hot Water range

The Right Continuous Flow Hot Water System For You

Let one of our expert technicians help you find the right Continuous Flow Hot Water System unit.
Every home and business is different and we understand which Continuous Flow Hot Water System is right for you.
We carry all top leading brand which all come with great warranties.  No more knocks on the bathroom door telling you to “hurry up before you use all the hot water”.
That will be a thing of the past with a Continuous Flow Unit. You can have a lovely warm uninterrupted shower as long as you like.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems Are More Efficient

Continuous flow Hot Water System units are cheaper to run as they heat the water as needed. Conventional storage water heaters that heat a whole tank of water continually throughout the day just incase you need it.  Because of this the Continuous Flow Hot Water Units have a 5 star energy rating which means they cost less to run. Compare that to a 3  Star Energy Rating for conventional Storage Heaters, and you know the best choice for you and the environment is a Continuous System.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Pros and Cons


  • Can fit a wall and not take space as backyards are getting smaller and smaller
  • You will never run out of hot water and it heats on demand
  • For kids bathrooms temperature controllers can be installed to ensure kids never get burnt when using the hot water as the temperature is preset


  • Cost more to install as pipe size is different to a storage and you may need a pressure upgrade
  • No mains pressure


Gas Storage Pros and Cons


  • Cost to install is much lower compared to other units
  • Hot water is ready in a tank for immediate delivery


  • Some tanks can be quite big and with backyards having limited space these can take up a bit
  • Continuously heating to keep it warm whether you are using it or not

Perth’s Best Hot Water Brands

We work with the best hot water brands so you can be confident that your family is getting the best possible system that will last. We will supply and install the best system most suited to your home and budget. Call us today for a no obligation free quote for the right hot water unit for you.

Continuous Flow Hot Water Brands

Expert Continuous Flow Hot Water Installation

When you purchase a 5 Star Unit from Aus Star Plumbing we can expertly install your system. You know you are getting the best possible workmanship because our work is backed by the Aus Star Guarantee.


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