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Save Plenty with Tankless Hot Water Systems

February 15, 2019

Hot water makes winter and cold weather more tolerable than usual. Can you imagine life without hot water systems in your home? There are different types of water heating systems available. Heat pump water heating Ideal if you use moderate to high amounts of hot water. It has very low running costs and can be […]

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New Home Owners And Early Leak Detection

January 12, 2019

You Should Know These Things If You’re a New Homeowner Getting the keys to your first home is such a huge milestone in your life, and you already have tons of ideas to make your home look and feel the way you always dreamed it would be. But being a good homeowner takes more than […]

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What Can You Do to Fix Blocked Drains?

December 4, 2018

Does your sink drain slowly or doesn’t drain fast enough that water pools in the sink? You’re likely to have blocked drains that are caused by a lot of things. Kitchen sink drains often clogs due to: Oil cake or cooking grease stuck down the drain pipe walls Detergent soap scum Undissolved food particles Other […]

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Take Care of Hot Water System and It Will Take Care of Your Hot Water Needs

November 13, 2018

Your hot water system provide you with hot water on demand. But lack of proper care and maintenance would make it less efficient than it is supposed to. Remember that water heating accounts for a quarter of energy use for a typical household. If its power consumption is high, your utility bill is also high, […]

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DIY Plumbing Work

April 9, 2015

DIY Plumbing Work D.I.Y plumbing work will not be covered by insurance if anything fails and causes damage, flooding or injury. You should always used a Licensed Plumber. Here’s a list of Plumbing works that you should avoid undertaking on your own: Plumbing renovations or repairs that involve concealed pipelines Constantly backed up drains and […]

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7 Reasons You Should Choose Aus Star Plumbing and Gas

April 7, 2015

7 Reasons You Should Choose Aus Star Plumbing and Gas: From the moment you see our tradesmen they are Professional, Well Presented with Police Clearance and Fully Insured. Our Premium Service also includes our tradesmen laying a mat down for tools and equipment and even cleaning up after themselves, You’ll never know we’ve been. Upfront […]

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