Burst Pipes Perth

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Call the Plumbing experts now and have your property tested to make sure no expensive damage is taking place. With our time-saving technology, we can diagnose and detect if there are burst pipes within your property. Which saves you money.

Our staff are highly trained and skilled at accurately locating even the most difficult to find leaks. Also, with the non-invasive methods we use, your leaks can be detected without any damage to your house in the process.

The advanced state-of-the-art equipment used to detect these leaks means the job will be done and the leak fixed properly the first time!  So once a leak is suspected, don’t wait until the leak creates further problems, costs you a small fortune in lost water & gas and repair costs down the track, or affects your property value call Aus Star to come to sniff out your leak and get it sorted, promptly.

Common Causes of Burst Pipes

  • Corrosion – Old pipes can corrode to the point that they burst.
  • Pressure – When there is a clog in the system it can create pressure in other areas causing a pipe to burst
  • Hammering – When there are pressure changes old pipes can move in the walls. In some situations, this can cause a burst
  • Temperature – When water freezes it expands. This expansion can cause pipes to burst. This is not as much of an issue in Perth because of the warmer climate. However, the temperature can still sometimes cause this in Perth.

Fix Burst Pipes

Whatever the cause of your burst pipe, where ever you are in Perth, Aus Star can fix your burst pipe fast. Give us a call right now on 0401 545 471.

Water Leak Detection

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe we can help you with water leak detection in Perth before it becomes a massive problem. Leaking pipes in your walls or around your house can cause water damage that can be very hard to fix. We can use diagnostic testing to see if there is a burst pipe that needs to be fixed before it becomes a massive problem.

Signs of a Possible Water Leak or Burst Pipe

  • Visible water damage on the walls such as peeling paint, flaky plaster near taps and fittings is a sign of a possible water leak
  • Low Rumbling noise or sound of running water that doesn’t seem to go away when taps are not running
  • Loss of water pressure in your system
  • Water pooling in an area outside could indicate a broken underground pipe

Call the Perth Plumbing Experts

If you have a burst pipe, choose Aus Star Plumbing and Gas to fix it. Wherever you are in Perth, choose Aus Star and get a professional plumbing service marked by the Aus Star Service Guarantee.



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