Blocked Drains Cleaning Perth

When you have blocked drains, choose Aus Star wherever you are in Perth. When you choose Aus Star, you get a professional plumbing service marked by the Aus Star Service Guarantee.

We can unblock drains using a plunger for an easy blockage or an electric drain machine for those stubborn drains that have tree roots that a plunger just won’t work on.  But if you have a drain that is just not clearing we have a high-pressure water jetter that can go down your drain for over 50m that can blast your drain clear, this is great from kitchen drains that have a build-up of fat and grease.

We can clear your Blocked Drain Perth. Using the latest technology and techniques. If you have an emergency we can get there fast to help you find a fast and friendly solution for all your drainage issues.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots – can get into old drains or where a crack is present and cause a lot of damage to the pipes. We can organise a camera inspection to located cracks in pipework and fix the issue so it doesn’t happen in the future
  • Fat and Grease – from the kitchen sink can build up over time and make washing dishes a nightmare if the sinks are blocked with the build up of fat and food
  • Foreign Objects – so many things shouldn’t go down the drains like toys, cutlery, ladies sanitary products, rocks, pea gravel & sticks can all contribute to blockages in your pipes
  • Broken pipes – that have been driven over or tree roots can cause blockages
  • Storms – when we receive heavy rainfall and gutters haven’t been cleaned these can wash into your drains as well as debris that can go into them too.

Household owners should know where their inspection points are located on their property, many home owners brick paver or worse liquid limestone over them making it very difficult to unblock the drains.  We have had to wet saw up people’s beautiful limestone paving to access these points and raise them to the surface for future access can be done

Whatever the cause of your blocked drain you can count on Aus Star to solve the problem as quickly as possible. So whether its a Perth residence or business call Aus Star to solve your blocked drain.

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