Why Most Australians Prefer Solar Hot Water System

There are several reasons solar hot water systems are becoming popular in Australia. It allows Australians to enjoy free solar energy. It reduces their energy costs. It saves them on their water heating bills. It decreases their house’s carbon footprint. And it increases the value of their property.

Here are 5 top reasons to install a solar hot water system

1. Lower Your Energy Costs

Installing a solar hot water system lowers your energy costs. In fact, you may not spend any money to heat your water because the sun is free. You do not have to worry about price hikes or fuel shortages in the future. Lowering your energy costs can save you money.

2. Lower Your Electricity Bill

You will mostly depend on solar energy, which is free. So, your water heating bills will drop by up to 90%. You can still use your solar panels during the winter months. Use your solar panels to charge your home solar batteries during the day. Then, use the batteries to heat your water at night.

3. Government Rebates

The government offers rebates to some West Australians. Check if you are eligible for the government rebates. If you are eligible, apply for the scheme. The scheme reduces the cost of installing solar panels and battery systems.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar hot water system does not release greenhouse gases. Using a solar hot water system for several years can help prevent tons of carbon dioxide emissions. However, using natural gas or an electric water heater generates greenhouse gases.

5. Increase Your Home’s Value

Installing a solar hot water system can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. So, they are more likely to pay more for your home. They know they will save more money in the long term. In fact, homes with solar sell faster than homes without solar.

It is important to hire a professional plumber to install or repair your solar hot water system. Want to hire the best plumber in Baldivis, Western Australia? Contact Aus Star Plumbing and Gas for a fast, FREE quote.

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