burst steel pipe in bathroom

Acoustic leak detection has brought about the use of advanced technologies to rapidly and with little invasion detect water leaks early on to prevent damage to your house and property. But how do these sophisticated leak detection equipment work? How Does Water Leak Detection Equipment Work? Water flowing through a pipe doesn’t generate sound, but … Read more

Acoustic leak detection is an efficient process that involves using advanced technology to quickly and with little invasion asses and detect a water leak. It can prevent damage to your house and property because it does not require digging into it. What is Acoustic Leak Detection? It is the process of using advanced technologies, such … Read more

row of water meters

Water leaks can damage your home. And it is expensive to repair water damage. If you can find hidden water leaks early, you can save more money and even avoid a potential disaster. However, it is not easy for most people to detect a hidden water leak. Here is how to find the hidden water … Read more

plumber with checklist doing maintenance

Even though everyone looks forward to summer, preparing a home for the season can be challenging. This is because, not only does the pool need cleaning, but all the pipes need to be thoroughly checked to ensure they are in good condition. This is because no one wants to deal with leaking pipes, water shortage, … Read more

young professional plumber with his tool kit open

Do you know what to do in the event of a plumbing emergency while waiting for a professional plumber to arrive?  A set of basic plumbing tools are handy to have on hand in case of an emergency. However, if you plan on using them to apply a temporary plumbing fix until help arrives, make … Read more

wall paint peeling off due to excessive moisture behind the wall.

Some water leaks are pretty obvious such as wet spots on the floor or visible signs of water dripping from the ceiling. However, some leaks can go undetected until a plumbing emergency occurs. A leaking pipe behind a wall can cause a range of problems from damp areas that create a pungent and harmful odour … Read more

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