Top 5 Advantages of a Gas Hot Water Unit

Hot water baths and showers are heaven-sent, especially during the cold seasons. Fortunately, technology has led to the availability of water heaters to enable hot water supply to households. Normally, water heaters can be powered by solar energy, electricity or gas. This article will focus on why gas-powered water heater units are the best option.

5 Advantages of Gas Hot Water Units

1. Faster in Heating Water

Gas water heaters do not require much time to heat water. This is because they have higher working and recovery speeds. That said, these types of heaters are ideal for large households with a high demand for hot water supply.

2. Availability of Clean Water

Tankless gas water heaters can heat and boil water from pipes hence purifying it. These heaters also do not collect rust or any hard minerals hence the cleanliness of the water. Alternatively, storage gas water heaters that collect rust or mineral deposits can be properly maintained to solve the problem.

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3. Lower Energy Consumption

The use of natural gases such as propane in gas water heaters helps to significantly reduce the cost of heating water. Propane is far much cheaper than electricity meaning that these heaters help to save a lot of money.

4. Easy Installation Process

Gas water heaters are easy to install unlike other types of heaters. Installation is even easier for homes with an existing gas line. Additionally, they can be installed indoors or outdoors.

5. They are a Safer Option

Since most gas water heaters use propane gas, there is less emission of harmful gases into the environment. This is because propane is non-toxic and has minimum negative effects on the environment.

The Important Role of a Professional Plumber:

Installation of gas water is cheap and easy, but only when done by a qualified professional. Contact Aus Star Plumbing and Gas today and have your gas water heaters installed in Perth by an expert. You will also enjoy our fair pricing systems that are customised as per your needs!

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