3 Common Reasons Why Pipes Burst

Have you ever experienced home issues caused by the pipes? How about pipes bursting? Such issues can range from minor inconveniences to total disasters, not to mention that they cost you time and money. In such cases, always get in touch with an expert Baldivis Plumber.

So, why does this happen anyway?

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

Water Pressure

A significant increase in water pressure in the pipes, usually caused by a clogged pipe, often results in plumbing problems. Eventually, the pipe reaches its maximum capacity, expands, and bursts.

How do the pipes get clogged up, anyway? Common culprits include trash, fats, oil, sink, or other foreign materials that usually get drained in the toilet and shower.

Damaged Piping

Before reaching the point where it bursts, damaged piping from water leakage or corroded pipes must be addressed. Fixing a water leak is a lot easier and cheaper than a pipe burst. Therefore, the earlier you get that water leak fixed, the better.

Tree Roots

Pipes bursting inside are evident. Outside, however, it’s not always the case. Exploding external pipes are usually caused by tree roots that grow too big and too fast from the damp environment. This adds more pressure into the pipes, damaging it, and leading to a burst.

What Damage Can Be Caused by a Burst Pipe?

Knowing what causes the pipes to burst is good, but what happens when the damaged pipes end up bursting? Below are the scenarios anyone would not want to find themselves in!

Indoor Flooding

Usually, it’s the kitchen and toilet and bathroom plumbing that gets the damage most. With this, it often leads to indoor flooding, which is a big hassle for everyone.

Pests and Bacteria in Stagnant Water

Still, water from damaged pipes attracts pests like mosquitoes and bacteria that cause mould and mildew. These are often harmful to the health of the residents of a home.

Structural Damage

One of the most critical effects of pipes bursting is the damage to the building’s overall structure. If the foundations or load-bearing walls of your home or building are compromised, this can cause critical safety issues.

Avoid all of these issues by regular pipe maintenance! And in case you suspect your property’s plumbing may have problems, contact Aus Star Plumbing and Gas today.

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